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When I'm not in the southern NJ/Philadelphia area or in northeastern PA photographing interesting people places and things, I'm traveling across the country and beyond doing the same! 

I had a long career in the music industry that has transitioned into photography in recent years. In both fields my passion has led me to the incredible position of being in a creative field, doing what I love for a living.

I started my career in photography by shooting nature and wildlife, which led me to a contract with Getty images in 2006. Soon after, I started shooting portraiture, and found that I especially gravitate to location work. I like to bring studio light and natural light together to create memorable images that realize my clients' vision and tell their stories. I do quite a bit of dance photography which is an amazing world of dedication, athleticism and strength and is my privilege to shoot.



 I’ve worked with Getty images since 2006 and my images have been published globally in and on everything from book covers to billboards, magazines, textbooks and many other kinds of print and digital media. Clients include -State Farm Insurance, The Philadelphia 76ers, "The Art of Fly Fishing" Magazine, Belize Angler, Perfect Timing, Inc, Bauer Publishing Co, Getty Images

 In addition to doing commercial portraiture and headshot work, my photos are on display at several commercial installations in NY and PA. I’ve had solo exhibitions at galleries including the Noyes Museum in New Jersey.








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